Breakfast cookies (no sugar)

Being that I gave up sugar for a time and needed something sweet, I ended up making these for the book club ladies.

They were super simple to make. I used



-lots of banana

-whole wheat flour

-ground flax seed

-almond milk

-honey (tiny bit)

Then I added dried cranberries to half the batch to make these ones too. So how many other sugar addicts do we have out there?


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Homemade Salsa!

Made some salsa for Tuesday taco night with friends. It always surprises me how complex and touchy salsa can be. Word of the wise, do not underestimate how hot jalapeno oil is. It can really burn your hand and any other places the oil gets on. Wear gloves when dealing with hot chillies just to be safe.

ingredients to taste:




- fresh garlic

-limes & lemons

-pink himalayan salt

-bell peppers if you’ve got it.

Blend up and serve with friends. If it seems to spicy add lemon and/or more tomatoes. If it is not spicy enough throw in more jalapeno. Be careful not to over salt, especially when you have salty chips.


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Mason Jars

Been super excited about my mason jars. I went to the thrift store to see if I could find some but then my mom called and told me she picked up a box of them at a yard sale. Go mom! So I got to do some healthy food organizing. The jars are perfect for storing food, especially when you can buy raw nuts and beans in bulk.

The great thing is that you can also store these jars in the freezer to store nuts and seeds as well. Such a great addition for the kitchen!

♥ Asher

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Mammoth Adventure weekend

Us and a crew of some great friends all headed to Mammoth this weekend. Here are some photos along the road trip. We stopped at this little western hole in the wall jerky place. The mesquite honey was amazing!


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Sweet Potato fries

Made this little sweet snack.


Sweet potatoes with your favorite spices and a bit of Olive oil. Put in the oven at 400 for about 20 mins and there you go. Nice healthy snack.

♥ Asher

Green Machine

Been enjoying these in the mornings curtosy of my amazing neighbor Bobbi McCormick.

They are super tasty and great for you!

Here is the recipe, but keep in mind that you can use tons of variations as long as you stick to 1 cup of almond milk and a banana. This time I used spinach, which you can not taste as long as there is a banana. When I have blueberries or mango on hand I love adding that to the mix. I also add the “Essential greens” drink from Trader Joes to get even more nutrients in.


The perk is that you get tons of vitamins and nutrients in first thing in the morning, but all you can taste is the delightful fruit.


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Jalapeno Hummus

I have a thing for hummus and all things spicy, so I decided to whip some up and experiment a little. I made this humus with some simple ingredients:

~1 can of garbonzo beans

~lemon juice

~olive oil

~minced jalapeno

Mix it all up in a food processor, add ingredients to taste and texture.


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